Loom bands

Loom bands

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Saint Murals

Felicity recently won a second loom on Listia, which means that entirely new levels of crafting have opened up before her. One thing she has been wanting to try is a saint mural like this one she created today: St. Faustina.

We bought the patterns from Nancy at Do Small Things With Love, and Felicity adapted them from cross stitch to the loom. 

St. Faustina is about 8.5" by 5", but some of the saints will be slightly wider or narrower, depending upon what they appear with. These take an enormous number of bands (a sudden lack of white resulted in the dismantling of a few other smaller projects to finish her today) and several hours to make. White is one of the more difficult band colors to come by, so future saints may appear surrounded by a different background color.

We have the patterns for all 61 of them, which you can see here and here. She would like to offer them for sale for $15 each. Just click the links to see which saints are available.


  1. Just donated. If you don't go, keep it.

    1. Many thanks! If for some reason we do not end up going, your donation will send those who do go, I promise it!

    2. You're welcome. Your comments on purgations on earth were so on point and deisolated me ( love when that happens ).
      i just went through 4 days of physical medical torture in which I kept offering it up for a wife who is in deep unbelief....." in Christ,on the cross,in the Mass to you Father for Sarah.".
      then God made me stop and trust Him as taking care of her with the highest series of graces for the month. He had me call her and apologise for a rebuke whose content was true but should not have been said that way. And He may want me to make other huge changes slowly. When 20 I had a three day experience of purgatory. Now over 40 years later this was my second purgation of great intensity that ended in the emergency room. I had mistook urine blockage for constipation and I really had diverticulitis and an enlarged prostate blocking the urinary exit. Be ready in advanced years one day. The purgations come for Catholics in the health area episodes. I would say the separate grace of final perseverance begins in old age through this area. Pray for my wife...radical unbelief but pray only once a month saying..." Father have mercy on her and I entrust her to you". I think we Catholic over pray in a sense sometimes. So we ought to petition and then tell God we trust Him enough to not repeat that month. On the other hand, God wants some to repeat on other topics... " the unceasing prayer of a just man is of great avail for Elias was a man like unto ourself.". Praying intimately for an intimate's salvation though is where I am learning to not overdo and entrust...entrust.
      By the way after my three day experience of purgatory, in the following years, I read the whole Bible and the whole Summa Theologica....purgatory'll do that to you. No visions...just the severity of purgatory....then it finally broke. Stay with the carmelite literature. May God greatly ready your final perseverance which per Trent is a separate grace without which the justified person would not make it.. Scripture is more sunny actually on this one
      " He who has begun a good work in you will perfect it unto the day of Christ Jesus". Trent in it's wording which I saw last night in Ott is pointing to man's scarey brinkmanship while the scripture is saying the same thing but emphasizing the security of God's promise to the justified that final perseverance will be right on time. ok...that's enough heavy for my morning. love bill bannon...pray for Sarah once this month...then entrust it.

  2. Will certainly pray for your wife. I have some other thoughts about what you've written. If you don't mind, I'll migrate your comment over to my other blog post and continue there, hopefully tomorrow. God bless!

  3. Yes...do so. Thank you for praying for her.